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#!Title=[Licensed appraiser|Real Estate Appraisal|Real Estate Appraiser] in [<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County, <%FullState%>] <%Phone%> #!Description=[<%CompanyName%> [is [known|your source] for|provides|delivers] [dependable|reliable|accurate|high quality] [real estate|property|home] [valuations|appraisals] in <%City%> and <%County%> County|For [reliable|accurate|dependable|high quality] appraisals [|you can trust ]in <%City%> and <%County%> County, [count on|contact|trust|call] <%CompanyName%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>'s[| Local] [Real Estate|Home|House] [Valuation|Appraisal] [Experts|Source|Specialists|Professionals|Authority]|<%CompanyName%>: [<%County%> County's|Your <%County%> County] [Home Valuation|Real Estate[| Appraisal| Valuation]|Appraisal] Experts|<%CompanyName%> knows [what [real estate is|homes are] worth|the values of [real estate|homes]] in <%City%> and <%County%> County] <%Phone%> #!Keywords=Real Estate Appraisal, Appraiser, <%City%>, <%FullState%>, <%County%>, Remove PMI, Estate Valuation, Divorce Appraisal, Partial Interest Valuation, Mortgage, Date of Death Valuation #!Filename=HomePage

[ <%CompanyName%> [is [known|your source] for|provides|delivers] [dependable|reliable|accurate|high quality] [real estate|property|home] [valuations|appraisals] in <%County%> County| For [reliable|accurate|dependable|high quality] appraisals [|you can trust ]in the City of <%City%> and <%County%> County, [count on|contact|trust|call] <%CompanyName%>| <%City%>, <%FullState%>'s[| Local] [Real Estate|Home|] [Valuation|Appraisal] [Experts|Source|Specialists|Professionals|Authority]| <%CompanyName%>: [<%County%> County's|Your <%County%> County] [Real Estate Valuation|Real Estate[| Appraisal| Valuation]|Appraisal] Experts| <%CompanyName%> knows real estate [valuation|appraisal] in <%City%> and <%County%> County]

[ Contact [us|<%CompanyName%>] at <%Phone%> to [find out how we can [assist|help] you with|talk about|discuss] your [real estate appraisal|home valuation] needs today. | [Use|Browse] our site or [call us|contact us] at <%Phone%> to [find out|see|learn] why we're your local valuation experts.| [To place your order online, click|Ready to order? Click] here. Or feel free to call us [to learn more|if you have any questions|to talk about your valuation needs].| Needing a professional real estate appraisal? Contact <%CompanyName%> today or place your order online. ]

[As licensed appraisers, we [possess|have] the [|comprehensive |extensive |][training|education|know-how] and [credentials|qualifications|competence] to [give you|produce|provide|generate] the [level|type] of [dependable|credible|reliable] [real estate|home|property] value opinions that banks and [national|major|top] lending institutions [need|require] for [mortgages|home loans].  And with years of experience [under our belt|behind us|that only comes with [doing the job|time|appraising in <%City%> and <%County%> County]], we're [more than ready|prepared] to [tackle|handle|take on|help our clients with|accept assignments pertaining to] [practically any type of [real estate|property]|a variety of property types|anything from starter homes to the most luxurious new construction]. | [[No matter what type of [property|home|real estate] [is in question|you [possess|have|need valued]]|Whether it's [an older|a starter|a young couple's first] home or [the most modern|luxurious] new construction], our| It doesn't matter what type of [property|home|real estate] [is in question|you [possess|have|need valued]]. Our] [extensive field work|knowledge of local neighborhoods|experience|ongoing analysis of local real estate trends] and [formal training|education|hours of study] as licensed appraisers make us qualified to provide home valuations in <%County%> County for clients ranging from national mortgage companies to local lenders or individual businesses and consumers. | For years, mortgage lenders and consumers[, as well as other real estate professionals|] have [depended on|relied on|called upon] [<%CompanyName%>|our expertise] to provide high-quality [valuations|appraisals|value estimates] on [all [sorts|types]|a wide [range|variety|assortment]] of [real estate|homes|property] in <%County%> County. By continuously [analyzing|keeping up with] local real estate trends in <%County%> County and [refreshing our knowledge regarding|staying current on] valuation techniques through accredited courses, we've been consistently able to [produce|deliver|generate] reliable home valuations for [people just like you|our clients]. ]

[ In addition to [[valuations|appraisals] for loan underwriting|mortgage appraisals], our [expertise is|services are] also [just what you need|available] for:| [Our services|Appraisals[| from <%CompanyName%>]] aren't just for [underwriting loans|mortgages] - we're also [on call|available] for:| Here are the types of [valuations|services] we [do|can perform|provide] in addition to mortgage appraisals:| [Going beyond|Not limited to just] [home buying or selling|mortgage transactions], we can also [assist|help] you with:| [If|Whether] you are [in the process of buying or selling[| a home| real estate| property]|funding a [home loan|mortgage|home purchase]], or [requiring|wanting|looking into|needing] one of the services below, [just |]call us today.| Lenders, real estate agents, attorneys, [accountants|CPAs] and [homeowners|consumers] should contact us for: ]
 [Contact <%CompanyName%> for your <%County%> appraisal needs.|For a [real estate|home|house] appraisal in <%City%> contact <%CompanyName%> at <%Phone%>]

• [Setting a home's listing price|[Choosing an appropriate|Picking the right|Deciding on a] listing price for your home|[Picking|Finding|Setting] a profitable listing price that also reduces time on market]

• [Removing [PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)|Private Mortgage Insurance]|Lowering your mortgage payment by removing PMI]

• [Asset division|Divorce settlements|Expert witness testimony and [asset division|divorce settlements]|[Appraisals|Valuations] for bankruptcy, divorce and other court purposes]

• [[Valuations|Appraisals] for relocation coordinators|Employee relocation appraisals|[Increasing your|Reinstating a|Unfreezing a [suspended|frozen|locked]] HELOC
(Home Equity Line of Credit)]

• [Tax [Challenges|Assessments] ([lowering|reducing] [real estate|property] taxes)|Challenging [your|a] [home's|property's] assessed value]

• [[Reporting|Documenting|Assessing|Determining] [current|present] or past market value|Retrospective [appraisals|home valuations]|[Tax|Estate] planning [documentation|]]

[Our investment in technology [translates into|results in|means] [faster|quicker] [appraisals|turn times] for [our clients|you] and [lower costs] for [[us|me] (and subsequently you).|everyody.]| [<%CompanyName%> [depends on|relies on|makes [generous|ample] usage of|takes [frequent |]advantage of]| We [[depend|rely] heavily on| take advantage of] ] [the latest appraiser gadgets and gear|technology] to save you time and money.| How do we [do more in less time|save time] and [maintain [competitive|low|down|affordable|reasonable] [prices|costs|fees]|keep our [fees|prices|costs] [competitive|low|down|affordable|reasonable]] [while maintaining high|without [cutting corners on|scrimping on|sacrificing]] quality? [The answer is: |Our reply is simple: ]Technology.| [Although|Even though|Despite the fact that] [appraising continues to increase in complexity|appraising keeps getting more and more complex|appraising becomes a more and more complex task every year|it seems mounting regulations keep adding to an appraiser's [requirements|workload]|the amount of analysis required for an appraisal is continuously increasing] , we're able to keep our [fees|prices|rates] [competitive|low|down|affordable|reasonable] [yet always meet or [surpass|exceed] [our customers'|our clients'] expectations|and quality high] by [employing|relying on] technology.| Technology plays [a prominent|a key|an important|a high profile] [part|role] in how <%CompanyName%> does business. It helps keep [fees|prices|rates|costs] [competitive|low|down|affordable|reasonable] while [simultaneously achieving|maintaining] [superb|high|best in class] quality and [responsive service|service[ levels|]]. ] [ And [above everything|first and foremost], we [value|are [aware|conscious|mindful] of|keep in mind|know] the importance of[| personalized| professional] customer service.| [We also [recognize|know|understand|believe]|Of course, it's been our experience] that [no matter where you go,|[regardless of the|in practically any] [business|industry],] service is the [main|primary|number one|top] reason a client comes, goes, [repeats|stays] or [gives your number to|refers] [their friends|others]. ] [ [This is our priority|We keep this in mind|We're always mindful of this] whether [you're talking to us|we're] on the phone, in e-mail or [conversing|talking|visiting] in person. | [Also, we|Naturally, we|Additionally, we|So following the Golden Rule, we|We] treat [you|everyone|our clients|our customers] [as|like] [we'd want|we prefer] to be treated ourselves whether we're [[meeting |]face to face|in person], [having a phone conversation|on the phone] or [sending e-mail|communicating [online |]in e-mail].| You'll be [treated with|shown|extended] the utmost [courtesy|respect] [throughout the course of|in all aspects of] working and communicating with <%CompanyName%>.] [Our [objective|goal] is|It all adds up to|The end result is|[In the end|Finally|Ultimately], what it [comes|boils] down to is] [simply |] [the best possible|a superior|an unbeatable|an unsurpassed] experience for our [clients|customers]. [Call [<%CompanyName%>|us][| today][. We guarantee you'll see the difference, too.|, and let us prove to you why we're different.]| [Experience first hand|See for yourself|Let us prove[| to you]] [why [<%CompanyName%> is|we're] the appraisal firm for you|why we're different|the difference]. Call [|us ]today. ]